Gymnastics is a life changing sports, that not only makes you a good athlete but it also inculcates good values in you. Patience, hard work and self-resilience are vital when performing gymnastics. Lastly, who doesn’t love wearing a shiny, colorful singlet? Nobody! It’s not the same old track bottoms and shirts that every other sportsman wears. It’s different and vibrant. So. Step out, put on your crystal covered costume, unleash your inner daredevil and wait for the standing ovation.

You rushed home from school, had a quick snack and you start dumping the first things you find in your room into your bag. You reach early on time and halfway through practice you realize you have excluded something really important from your bag. Most of us can find this situation relatable. When this happens, you are stuck wondering if it’s a good idea to borrow from your friends. But you’re also worried about your hygiene and this puts you in a dilemma. Let us come to your rescue and provide you with the list of things you need to have in your bag.

Apparels and Toiletries

Gymnastics is really fun and exciting until the end of the day, you are sweating and smelling, which is a bad combination. It’s always good to throw in a few extra dress to make sure you don’t walk down the streets and have people staring at you. An extra dress never hurt anybody. Make sure you always have a towel with you. It’s a universal rule, that you cannot use another person’s towel. Deodorant is a must, you wouldn’t want to raise your hands performing handstands and end up a smooth jump on the cheerleading mats Australia only to find people looking away.

Water and snacks

This is a no brainer. Lifting and swinging up against bars needs a lot of energy. When your energy get slow and your running out of breathe, you need to have frequent snacks to keep you awake and energized. Water is necessary to keep you hydrated at all times. This is a must have item in your bag, as you wouldn’t want to lose your momentum and speed while practicing.


This would be essential for girls. As they have to keep their hair pinned and proper with hairbands, clips or hairspray. This would make them easier to concentrate without pieces of hair falling across their face. Choose not to wear excessive jewelry like dangling earrings. This is not about the looks but it’s mainly for safety and you have to look well groomed.

First aid kit

If you’re newbie, you would basically be falling all the time, until you learn how to hold and concentrate. It’s evident that your square will always have first aid right at their place. But it’s always better to carry one in your bag, just in case you need extras. It might seem like a smooth fall when you fall of the four inch beam into the comfortable gym mats. But there are situations where you can twist a muscle from the fall.


A gymnast always needs to have a good grip. Butter fingers will only cause more slips and injuries. To be on the safe side, bring your own grips from home. This way you wouldn’t have to worry if something happens to your first set of grips.

Now that you know ‘what to bring and what not to bring’ to the course. You can save yourself from embarrassment and confidently walk into the platform and showcase your skills.