How To Perfect Your Rock Climbing Skills For Beginners?

This is for all you daredevils out there who loves trying new challenges every day. Have you ever attempted rock climbing? If it’s a no then you must add it to your bucket list of things you want to do next. Rock climbing is exactly as hard as it looks. You need to have months of training to get to the top. Once you do, you will know that all your hard work did pay off when you see the beauty at the mountain top. It isn’t exactly a safari. But it’s adventurous and while you climb along the way you can visually see the beauty that surrounds the mountains. Its breath taking and it’s an experience like no other. Once you’re convinced that your next trip is definitely going to be rock climbing, read on for tips to perfect your rock climbing skills.


Rock climbing isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Your forearms and abs need to be spot on. Your weight needs to be balanced as well. An increase in carbs will not take you any further up the mountain. You have to be flexible and be able to hang vertical or horizontal along the way. Therefore your main focus needs to be on doing a cardio workout. This is the most important thing that you need to do. Speak to your exercise physiologist Wollongong and mention your concerns. They will recommend you the proper diet and cardio workouts according to your body index and the kind of workouts that you have to focus on before climbing. Pull ups, squat landing and lateral pillar bridge are some of the workouts that experts recommend. This isn’t something you can pull off in one night but with months of training you will get there.

Find your guideYour guide needs to be someone whose knowledge is polished and transparent when it comes to rock climbing. He needs to be able to guide you all the way to the top and along the way assist you with overcoming difficulties and encouraging you to get to the top.

Choose your climb

There are many different ways you can do rock climbing. You can choose whichever one that you are comfortable with or the one that you have had long hours of personal training with a coach. There is bouldering, a kind of rock climbing that requires less time and gear. You only need climbing shoes and some chalk. Top rope climbing involves anchoring a rope to a spot at the top of the route and climbing towards the rope. By having these anchors as guiding point, it will reduce your risk of falling or slipping off the rock. Another type of climbing is the traditional climbing. Visit 

Climbing merchandise

This is a necessity as it would be impossible to think of climbing huge boulders with flip flops and beach shorts. Choose a clothing that is comfortable and won’t distract you from climbing. Additionally have spare clothes with you when rock climbing. Other things you need to add to this list is climbing shoes, helmets, harness, chalk, carabineers and ropes. Crash pads is a definite yes, in case you have a fall you will have a smooth fall thanks to the pads behind you.Rock climbing is an amazing experience to anyone who is thinking of doing it. It take a lot of skill and patience to get there and start climbing. But once you have started you will not be able to stop. So, pick up your helmets and go climb those huge rocks.

5 Things You Should Have In Your Gym Bag

Gymnastics is a life changing sports, that not only makes you a good athlete but it also inculcates good values in you. Patience, hard work and self-resilience are vital when performing gymnastics. Lastly, who doesn’t love wearing a shiny, colorful singlet? Nobody! It’s not the same old track bottoms and shirts that every other sportsman wears. It’s different and vibrant. So. Step out, put on your crystal covered costume, unleash your inner daredevil and wait for the standing ovation.

You rushed home from school, had a quick snack and you start dumping the first things you find in your room into your bag. You reach early on time and halfway through practice you realize you have excluded something really important from your bag. Most of us can find this situation relatable. When this happens, you are stuck wondering if it’s a good idea to borrow from your friends. But you’re also worried about your hygiene and this puts you in a dilemma. Let us come to your rescue and provide you with the list of things you need to have in your bag.

Apparels and Toiletries

Gymnastics is really fun and exciting until the end of the day, you are sweating and smelling, which is a bad combination. It’s always good to throw in a few extra dress to make sure you don’t walk down the streets and have people staring at you. An extra dress never hurt anybody. Make sure you always have a towel with you. It’s a universal rule, that you cannot use another person’s towel. Deodorant is a must, you wouldn’t want to raise your hands performing handstands and end up a smooth jump on the cheerleading mats Australia only to find people looking away.

Water and snacks

This is a no brainer. Lifting and swinging up against bars needs a lot of energy. When your energy get slow and your running out of breathe, you need to have frequent snacks to keep you awake and energized. Water is necessary to keep you hydrated at all times. This is a must have item in your bag, as you wouldn’t want to lose your momentum and speed while practicing.


This would be essential for girls. As they have to keep their hair pinned and proper with hairbands, clips or hairspray. This would make them easier to concentrate without pieces of hair falling across their face. Choose not to wear excessive jewelry like dangling earrings. This is not about the looks but it’s mainly for safety and you have to look well groomed.

First aid kit

If you’re newbie, you would basically be falling all the time, until you learn how to hold and concentrate. It’s evident that your square will always have first aid right at their place. But it’s always better to carry one in your bag, just in case you need extras. It might seem like a smooth fall when you fall of the four inch beam into the comfortable gym mats. But there are situations where you can twist a muscle from the fall.


A gymnast always needs to have a good grip. Butter fingers will only cause more slips and injuries. To be on the safe side, bring your own grips from home. This way you wouldn’t have to worry if something happens to your first set of grips.

Now that you know ‘what to bring and what not to bring’ to the course. You can save yourself from embarrassment and confidently walk into the platform and showcase your skills.

Top Vacation Spots For Horse Riding Enthusiasts

Due to climate conditions and landscape differences, not all countries are suitable for horse riding. Of course you can enjoy horse riding if you have an enormous backyard or a farm, but the satisfaction is nothing compared what some places have on offer. There are specific destinations where horse riding is cherished not just as a hobby but also as a ritual. Listed below are some such locations that you need to include in your passport.

Pampas – Argentina

This region covers a major part of the country is predominantly consists of fertile plants. The place is known for three major things – tender beef, cowboys and horsemanship. It is a perfect place to ride since the landscapes are highly suitable. The location has several estancias and ranches that are famous among the domestics. Tourists are given the opportunity to explore the extensive grasslands through trick riding, slow-paced trails and usual galloping. The place is also very hospitable since it accommodates all the needs of the visitors.

Naadam – Mongolia

Horses have played an imperative role in the country for centuries. If you wish to visit, the summer festival is the ideal time since it involves various race racing activities. The specialty of these races is that unlike other races, the length of the track is considerably long. Furthermore, since the place breeds horses like chickens, the number of horses participating is also high – usually exceeding 150. Despite its resourcefulness, the country does not invest much on horse riding or horse syndicates, since horses are still used in Mongolia as a form of transport.


Due to their short, stocky and fluffy nature, Icelandic horses are referred to as ponies. They are limited to a specific region and thus can be spotted anywhere in the country. These horses are extremely friendly and crave for attention and human touch. They are own for their unique pace – TOLT – which are very different to that of any other horse. Since horses can be found in abundance in this country, there is no need to look for racehorse syndicates since they are affordable.

Tuscany – Italy

If you are interested in watching medieval-type horse riding, then you need to book a ticket to Italy. Within Tuscany, sienna has become the most popular city due to this world-famous entertainment. The races are usually accompanied by shirtless riders, parades, music and festivals. The rules of these races are also vastly different. For instance, they do not follow strict rules and thus allow the participants to cheat by using dirty tricks.

As a horse racing enthusiast, visiting one of these countries is extremely beneficial since it not only offers horse races but much more cultural activities as well.