This is for all you daredevils out there who loves trying new challenges every day. Have you ever attempted rock climbing? If it’s a no then you must add it to your bucket list of things you want to do next. Rock climbing is exactly as hard as it looks. You need to have months of training to get to the top. Once you do, you will know that all your hard work did pay off when you see the beauty at the mountain top. It isn’t exactly a safari. But it’s adventurous and while you climb along the way you can visually see the beauty that surrounds the mountains. Its breath taking and it’s an experience like no other. Once you’re convinced that your next trip is definitely going to be rock climbing, read on for tips to perfect your rock climbing skills.


Rock climbing isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Your forearms and abs need to be spot on. Your weight needs to be balanced as well. An increase in carbs will not take you any further up the mountain. You have to be flexible and be able to hang vertical or horizontal along the way. Therefore your main focus needs to be on doing a cardio workout. This is the most important thing that you need to do. Speak to your exercise physiologist Wollongong and mention your concerns. They will recommend you the proper diet and cardio workouts according to your body index and the kind of workouts that you have to focus on before climbing. Pull ups, squat landing and lateral pillar bridge are some of the workouts that experts recommend. This isn’t something you can pull off in one night but with months of training you will get there.

Find your guideYour guide needs to be someone whose knowledge is polished and transparent when it comes to rock climbing. He needs to be able to guide you all the way to the top and along the way assist you with overcoming difficulties and encouraging you to get to the top.

Choose your climb

There are many different ways you can do rock climbing. You can choose whichever one that you are comfortable with or the one that you have had long hours of personal training with a coach. There is bouldering, a kind of rock climbing that requires less time and gear. You only need climbing shoes and some chalk. Top rope climbing involves anchoring a rope to a spot at the top of the route and climbing towards the rope. By having these anchors as guiding point, it will reduce your risk of falling or slipping off the rock. Another type of climbing is the traditional climbing. Visit 

Climbing merchandise

This is a necessity as it would be impossible to think of climbing huge boulders with flip flops and beach shorts. Choose a clothing that is comfortable and won’t distract you from climbing. Additionally have spare clothes with you when rock climbing. Other things you need to add to this list is climbing shoes, helmets, harness, chalk, carabineers and ropes. Crash pads is a definite yes, in case you have a fall you will have a smooth fall thanks to the pads behind you.Rock climbing is an amazing experience to anyone who is thinking of doing it. It take a lot of skill and patience to get there and start climbing. But once you have started you will not be able to stop. So, pick up your helmets and go climb those huge rocks.