As a professional sportsman or sportswoman, it is your duty to look after your equipment with care, if you use any. After all, your equipment is part of why you have come to such as a level, and you need to attribute some of your successes to your sports equipment as well. Furthermore, it is highly likely that you did spend a lot of money to get your hands on the best equipment at the time of your purchase. Investing in quality equipment is not something you can do every day, as most people don’t have the kind of money to buy new gear every other year. 

Proper equipment maintenance starts right when you first purchase your sports equipment. First of all, make sure to read instructions if available, and get some help your coach in order to understand how to use each piece of equipment in the correct manner. If you fail to do so, you could end up sending your new cricket bat to maintenance pretty soon, or even have to completely replace it due to excessive damage. Always make your purchases from dedicated sports stores, such as a cricket shop, to ensure you only buy equipment with a high standard of quality.

Once you get the hang of how to use your sports equipment, you should be easily getting yourself familiarised with the sport you are doing. At this point, maintenance is generally not required, as your gear is still pretty new and not worn enough to warrant maintenance work to be done on them. Nevertheless, make sure to keep an eye on them, remembering to check for visible signs of wear and tear after each practice session is over.

Once your equipment has been with you for a while, it is time to make your inspections a bit more regular. If you don’t how to maintain your equipment by yourself, don’t forget to get some help from a reputed sports store. It could be the same shop from where you bought one of their many cricket bats for sale NZ or even another similar store that is closer to your location. You will be charged a small fee for their services, but this small cost is worth it to ensure your bat lasts for a long time to come. In order to see whether maintenance work has been carried out properly, you should use your equipment once again: if it seems to perform better, you will know that the shop you entrusted your gear to has done a good job.

Lastly, remember that maintenance isn’t a magical fix for all of your equipment issues. There will always come a time when your old rackets and bats need to be replaced. Just hope that this time doesn’t come too soon!